Election 2018

Libertarians of Arizona were disappointed with the results of the 2018 Primary, but there is still hope for a Libertarian victory this year. Nicholas Sarwark, chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, is still in the race for Mayor of Phoenix. Sarwark qualified for the ballot on August 17th and is working to get the word out about his fiscal, and social plans to help the City of Phoenix balance its budget, fund its liabilities, and improve and maintain city infrastructure. So for those who are still looking for a horse to bet on, Sarwark is a fine choice. An endorsement from Barry Goldwater Jr. doesn’t hurt, either.

You can donate or find out more about Sarwark’s campaign here.

As for the rest of the districts without a Libertarian representative on the ballot, fear not. The future is brighter than what you’re seeing now, and candidates are already working on their 2019 and 2020 campaigns. The new signature requirement has been a problem, so candidates and volunteers are stepping up to plan and take action much earlier. This allows candidates to get their signature requirements out of the way so they can focus on messaging, and speaking to voters about issues that matter, instead of worrying about ballot status. Expect to see more candidates on the ballot in the coming years, and don’t forget to keep your voter registration up to date! In most cases you must be registered within the district that a candidate is running, and registered with the Libertarian Party or an independent in order for your signature to count for the candidate’s petitions.

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2018 Libertarian Primary Election

The Libertarian Party faced an uphill battle to get their candidates on the ballot this year largely due to a recent piece of legislation passed by a Republican controlled legislature, and a Republican governor that substantially increased the number of signatures required for a Libertarian candidate to get on the ballot. That’s the bad news, but the good news is you can still cast your vote for one of the various candidates running for office during our primary election, and if they receive enough votes they WILL appear on the ballot on November. Every vote counts, and they really do count so long as you write-in one of the candidates listed here.¬†While the bar for having representation on the ballot has been raised, the Libertarian Party is committed to having libertarian principles represented at the ballot box. It is to that end that the LP has decided to re-think the way they run candidates, and are setting out to have a minimum number of state legislature, city, and county candidates gearing up for 2020. The foundations for the 2020 election are already being laid, and the LP hopes to come back stronger, and more energized for the next round of elections. In the meantime, preparations are being made for victory at the primaries, and each campaign is prepared to go forward to the general elections in November. Every vote counts, so turn in those early ballots, or get to the polls on August 28th to cast your vote!