The Arizona Libertarian Party is actively working to secure ballot access in all 15 counties in Arizona. Currently only Maricopa, Pima, and Yuma counties have ballot access, but teams of Libertarian volunteers are out to collect petition signatures to secure that ballot access in time for the 2018 election in some counties, and by 2020, and 2022 for the remaining counties. Below is a map showing the ballot access status of each county in Arizona so far. The map will be updated as more information becomes available, and as ballot access changes.

Here in Cochise County, Libertarians have come together to organize petition drives all over in order to gather enough signatures to make the ballot in 2018. The goal is to have a strong base of support in place in time for the 2020 elections by building a strong ground game to help support candidates. Volunteers, and candidates alike have started to ramp up efforts all over Arizona, all with the goal of turning Arizona gold by 2022.

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